Sausage is a social food. The kind of hearty, informal dish you serve at intimate gatherings, with folks you really like.

It makes friends feel like family and brings family even closer.

Which means, when you make sausage, you're really making family.

And sausage.

Forbes called them "the best ads on TV right now." And if you ask me, Forbes has incredible comedic taste.

CD: Scott Bell

AD: Dan Kenneally

To kick off grilling season, we created Bratfast in Bed, new Father's Day tradition to bring families even closer and help them give back to the guy who's been manning the grill every summer, waking him up with a new, meaty twist on Breakfast in Bed. It's a Father's Day dream come true.

Time said this spot will "haunt your dreams". I'm going to choose to take that as a complement.

And we sent customized trays to a few lucky customers to build buzz. Come Father's Day, fans flooded our twitter feed with pictures of their dad enjoying brats for breakfast.

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