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If We Won

Independence Day is a big holiday for beer brands. And every year, American beer brands festoon their cans with stars, stripes and bald eagles to sell beer.


Well, Newcastle thought that was bollocks. Mostly because we wanted our own holiday to exploit. So we created one: Independence Eve, a holiday celebrating the last days of British rule over America.


To get people excited for the launch, "If We Won" took a look at how "great" America could have been if the Brits won the Revolutionary War and still ran our country. 


We kicked off with a launch film featuring Stephen Merchant, co-creator of "The Office."

CD: Scott Bell

AD: Dan Kenneally

We enlisted Elizabeth Hurley to teach America British curse words.

On our social channels, scrappy, satirical "alternative history" videos showing how every aspect of American life could've been better if the Brits won.

What would your city be called if the Brits won the war? Our simple app let users enter their city to find and share the answer to that burning question. 

​As the holiday approached, we took to the streets to talk to real folks about Independence Eve, the holiday America could not start talking about

​While most grasped the satire of the campaign, a few ultra-patriotic Americans were upset with us.


So we prepared an apology...of sorts.

Cannes Lions

Film Bronze

One Show

Script-writing Silver

Social Media Silver

Clio Awards

Film Silver

Fast Company

Ad Age



Daily Beast

Mental Floss

Huff Post

Mother Jones

Globe and Mail

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