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Greater Than Gold

To some athletes, trophies are the end game. But the ultra-disciplined athletes that use Met-RX are too focused

on the next game, rival, or record to bask in past glory. Focusing on past wins will only hold them back. 

Alongside a film that puts trophies in their place, we launched the Prepare For Next platform by melting down 

over 700 trophies from running back Leonard Fournette and others and turning them into weights, 

which we donated to an under privileged high school in Fournette's new city of Jacksonville.


Instead of collecting dust, his past glory could fuel students' future success.  

Funnily enough, the year after we made the donation, Raines High won their first championship in 20 years. 

ECD: Tim Gordon

CW: Yahkeema Moffitt, Mitchell Quesada

AD: Felipe Mollica, Fatima Jafri


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