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Gecko Gaming

How do you sell insurance to millenials and Gen Z? By catering to their interests, of course. Like gaming.

So, we dropped The Gecko into the world of cult classic Portal and the red hot hit Cuphead. 

We tried to nail every detail, using the original voices, skins, music and even giving

The Gecko a retro makeover for the Cuphead spot.


And gamers reacted by losing their minds.

CW:  Roger Hailes

AD:   Matt Wieringo

The reaction was pretty awesome. Coverage from USA TodayPC GamerThe Verge, threads on Reddit, ResetEra and other gaming platforms,conspiracy theory videos about what it all meant.


And hundreds upon hundreds of tweets about each spot that fawned over, dissected, and picked apart every detail of the spots for clues. Pffft, nerds. 

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