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Finding the Perfect Home is Hard​


I can attest that the housing market is bonkers these days, and options are limited. After an exhaustive

search in 2021 and a few failed bidding wars, my wife and I bought the Keebler elf cookie tree and had to waive the inspection. 

But with the savings you get with GEICO, any home seems a little more appealing.

To connect with new homeowners who in the market for insurance, we tapped into a timely pain point.  


When we learned that prospective buyers were flocking to TikTok for home buying tips from real estate agent influencers, we 

created content that mimicked the look and feel of those vids, with much, uh, dumber advice.

And, because DIY remodeling is huge on TikTok as well, we capitalized on remodeling hashtags to have our catty 

neighbors give play-by-play commentary on the way users scrolled, watched sports, and re-did their wallpaper.

CW:  Kim Nguyen

AD:   Kate Placentra

CW (Social): Katie Samuelsen
AD (Social):  Drew Butler

My role: CD

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