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College Football Football College


​Sick of losing football-based arguments? Then earn your football-watching degree from College Football Football College,

an online university where you can learn all about the game you love without putting down your Dos Equis.

To promote Dos Equis' college football partnership, To promote our sponsorship of college football, we partnered with author, football expert and real-life college professor John U. Bacon to create an immersive, 30-minute, ten lesson course on the game itself.

Students could earn an actual degree. But first, they had to pass a rigorous, 50-question final exam. 


Then, we promoted it with spots featuring Jay Cutler, ESPN's Katie Nolan and Martellus Bennett.

Here are two of our ten full-length lessons, where viewers could learn about football at an academic level. 

ECD: Scott Bell 

Sr. CW: Jordan Dodson Sr. AD: Vignesh Seshadri

 CW: James Gross 

AD: Gianna D'Amico

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